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LiveJournal for fuck_heart.

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Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Time:9:01 pm.
Mood: relaxed.
I have a car now at last, it's stressful driving in traffic but when the roads are more open at night I quite enjoy it, only really driven to and from work at the moment, need the practice, my car is devil red apparently and I like it.
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Thursday, November 17th, 2005

Time:10:48 am.
Mood: shocked.
I am lazy or busy :p
work has been too busy recently and my phone screen got smashed in my pocket and so it has been rendered useless, it looks all colourful and is prettier now though... anyway I have to use my mum's old phone and it's like a brick, a slim brick but still a brick, last night I found out my best friend has a cancer, it doesn't seem life threatening hopefully but I don't know too much about it, that was quite a shock.. so what else has happened, nothing worth mentioning, Cliff at work's got me shouting wankkkkkkkkker! at everyone, crazy fuck.
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Saturday, October 15th, 2005

Time:2:28 am.
Mood: optimistic.
I can't remember the last time. Oh yeah I remember the last time I was on here, since then I've passed my dri... no, I already had.. I think, ummmm I went to Scotland.....bombs, london, natural disasters, all that shit you know about, nothing's really happened :|
I'll update this from now on if I remember.
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Sunday, May 15th, 2005

Subject:it's 2.27am
Time:2:27 am.
Mood: tired.
I'm listening to human mincer, there's a girl on webcam and she's crying.
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Wednesday, May 11th, 2005

Time:2:01 pm.
Mood: distressed.
I'm eating a sandwich
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Wednesday, March 16th, 2005

Subject:love you so much it makes me sickkkkkkkk
Time:2:09 pm.
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Friday, February 11th, 2005

Time:2:38 am.
Mood: confused.
well today was kinda interesting for a work day, we found a box of LSD going to France which was labeled as "brochures". it amused me, and then i came home and cried.....
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Tuesday, January 25th, 2005

Time:11:27 am.
Mood: satisfied.
I met some random girl the other day and I thought I recognised her from somewhere and I just realised yesterday that she was camped next to us at reading festival, bit of a coincidence, what else happened, um, I got the rest of the week off work, which was good, got my driving test soon and I've done bugger all else really, a bit of doodling here and there, ciao!

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Monday, January 10th, 2005

Time:1:31 pm.
Mood: creative.
had my first band practice yesterday with Tom and Rob, they're both so much better than me but it doesn't matter cos i'm only playing bass and screaming, it was a fun session, we have no name yet, hope to do a few gigs in the future and just mess around.
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Thursday, December 30th, 2004

Time:2:58 pm.
klajrioaeaeaei was geh eoenelet hoiy onow os or ry; ever a ft er soaippppppppppppppoid a it';s not easym it's never easy,]
then i';lld o better
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Monday, December 20th, 2004

Subject:what I have been doing
Time:3:55 pm.
Mood: busy.
what have I been doing, well that's none of your business and anyway why would you want to know< i mean why should I tell you what I've been doing, anyway I failed my driving test for the second time even though he said I had a good drive, work that out!? I can't be bothered to explain that, yesterday going back home from Kate's house, wasn't that eventful, got sprayed with silly string by two fat mingers who thought it was hilarious, I told them to "fuck off" but it sounded more like "fuxkc fof" and then the rudest rude boy you'll ever see sat opposite me on the train and I didn't wanna look at him but then he said "scuse me mate, you dunno where i can get myeyebrow piereced in crawley" and I said no and then he says "you wouldn't think it to look at me but i like nirvana" and i was like :\ okay and then we started talking about the new box set, not very exciting but it surprised me a little, okay NIRVANA are really popular and it's not exactly underground norwegian black metal but its a start, haha anyway he looked really scary at first but then I could relax for the rest of the train journey, then I got home.. nothing happened, the end, had a dream about a toddler I was looking after being eaten by a giant snake.
Now i'm off to work, James comes back from uni tonight, will be good to see him.
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Wednesday, November 17th, 2004

Subject:Job sucks
Time:4:05 pm.
Mood: drained.
job sucks, no big deal

I wanted to quit on my first day but I'm off to work now
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Friday, November 12th, 2004

Subject:I got a fucking job, ahahhahaha
Time:3:12 pm.
Mood: amused.
miracles do happen, I got a job, not a great one, but still.. I'll be at UPS now every day lifting heavy packets and hopefully using the x-ray machine so I won't get so tired out.. I start on monday and get fuck all holiday until may, I'm fucked, oh well, I'll see how long it lasts.
Love Phil
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Wednesday, October 27th, 2004

Subject:i'm so boring i have to do quizzes
Time:9:13 pm.
Mood: cold.
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Sunday, October 24th, 2004

Subject:Suicide yum
Time:2:06 am.
Mood: nostalgic.
Your Suicide.. by Konstantine
Your Name/Username
Favorite Number?
Favorite Color?
How will you commit suicide?You will stab a knife through your heart
How many tries will it take?33
When will you commit suicide?November 15, 2010
What will your suicide note say?Maybe now you'll care
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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Wednesday, October 20th, 2004

Subject:Fuck you asshole
Time:3:30 pm.
Mood: thoughtful.
[Temnozor] what does meery mean?
[mEErY] nothing :)
[mEErY] meery mean meery :)
[mEErY] oh, my english is very poor :/

People are nuts

I've been watching this documentary film called Paradise Lost :the child murders at Robin Hood Hills, very interesting stuff http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117293/ if you haven't seen it watch it, and the "metaller" kids who got locked up.. they didn't fuck do it and yesterday I watched the sequel http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0239894/ Paradise Lost 2 :revelations which is equally as interesting, I know that shit happens every day in America but still it's sad that you should be locked up for 11 years for something you didn't do just because you're into "wicca" or "satanism".
Ah well.
I'm applying for a job at UPS (united parcel service) I think that's what they're called, I bet I won't get it cos I'll screw the interview up as I usually do.
It won't bother me too much not getting it.
I saw Karen waiting at the bus stop yesterday and then Adam cycled past, coincidence Karen? ha, I dunno. I haven't seen you in ages.

I want a baby

Oh yeah and all these new cover songs are really pissing me off, why cover a really popular song and make it sound almost identical to the original and releasing it as a single is doubly as lame.. yes i'm talking to you Marilyn Manson, Korn and Hundred reason's terrible cover of "How Soon is now" fucking lame asses.
Anyway that's it, I don't care for those bands anyway I just wanted to bitch and moan.
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Monday, October 4th, 2004

Time:8:11 pm.
Mood: pensive.
You're the sad smile,the one that regrets nearly
everything and is constantly wondering about
what could have been.You're not happy with your
situation and usually blame yourself because of
the bad things that have happened.Cheer up.

What Kind of Smile are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Subject:Denbigh mental place
Time:1:59 pm.
Mood: cold.
So on Saturday I went to North Wales with Marlon, it wasn't a bad journey, met some geezers in London and then got a lift in their land rover thing to Wales where we met 6 more freaks and geeks, so we went to the mental place called Denbigh hospital or something and heard tales about some huge welsh security guard that patrols the place so we didn't wanna see him, and we didn't luckily, we thought we heard him when we were leaving and we all hid in holes and gaps, it was quite amusing......... ERRRRRr so we found some nice blood stains and dead squuirrel and dead bat..
Took a few photos.. went in a dodgy smelly tunnel system thing underneath the hospital and it fucked my chest up, owwwwwwwwww I was in severe pain on the way home and I truly thought I was gonna die, I was all ready for the funeral.. if I deserved it.

Oh yeah, Um I forgot what I was gonna say.
Well it was a pretty eventful weekend and haven't had one of those for a while so it was a nice change and Wales was pretty, it rained and it sunned and both were nice.

I'm glad I didn't die in the stupid land rover cos cars are boring
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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004

Time:1:55 am.
Mood: optimistic.
I saw a mosquito flying about just now, I think it's got me cos I can't see it and my neck is pretty itchy

KINKY LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE< I need you kinky love, kinky loveeeeeeeeeee, I need you kinky love, I know I should be sleeping, but how can I close my eyes...
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Friday, September 10th, 2004

Subject:Back in the world..
Time:12:40 pm.
Mood: crappy.
so I have to cancel my fuckin driving test cos my driving instructor's scared I'll smash his car up, loser loser I'm the loser.. and now I have to take it in November, has he forgotten a little month called OCTOBER.
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LiveJournal for fuck_heart.

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View:Website (My art).
You're looking at the latest 20 entries. Missed some entries? Then simply jump back 20 entries.